Fourth Nawab of Punjab

Year of Birth: 1756

Year of Accession: 1805

Year of Death: 1826

Years of Governance: 21 years

Father: Nawab Akbar Jahan

House: Hakim dynasty

Spouse: Malek Mahal Begum

Heir: Nawab Nassir-u-ddin Khan

Nawab Shariyaar Khan seated on throne

Nawab Sharriyaar Khan became as the fourth Nawab of Punjab after death of his father Nawab Akbar Jahan in 1805. His Imperial Majesty suggested to conquer Kasur city from Sikh empire. He was also famous in Indian history due to his efforts against Sikh and British rule in Indian subcontinent.

Personal Life

Shariyaar Khan was married with Malek Mahal Begum, belonged to rajput tribe and also relative of his mother. Malek Mahal Begum was mother of his heir i.e Nawab Nassir-u-ddin Khan

Malek Mahal Begum, wife of Shariyaar

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